We are the Young Adult Movement (about 18-35 years old) and meet on a Sunday of the month at 5pm in the Elim.

We believe in an authentic generation that lives passionately with God and through deep, healthy ones relationships grow together to be a blessing to their environment. For us, that means we're young help adults to grow personally, connect with their peers, and what God has given them to use in everyday life.

In our events, we experience strong times in praise, get interesting inputs and enjoy the fellowship with each other. Our topics are based on your interests and will be presented in a variety of ways treated in the form of podium discussions or expert interviews. Our focus is on this always on personal growth and connect with each other.

Just come over, we look forward to seeing you!

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  • 19. Januar, 5 p.m.: Welcome 2020
  • 23. Februar, 5 p.m.: MORE Prayer
  • 29. März, 17 Uhr: “Thoughts about thoughts”
    Lodge-fun for men: 17.-19.April 2020
    Lodge-fun for women: 24.-26.April 2020

19. Januar, 5 p.m.: Welcome 2020

A new year often brings with it new resolutions. Often these are either forgotten or discarded after a short time. But what about our habits?
Habits determine a large part of our everyday life. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, we want to deal with the topic and reflect on the good and bad habits we discover in our own lives. We also want to find out together how we can get rid of bad habits and establish good ones. It will be exciting, so be there! We look forward to you!

Review: Christmas Worship Night

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Review: November 17th – Podium interview on the topic of time management

On 17.11.19 many young people learned a lot about time management. To make his daily life so that it serves God and gives him all the glory in everything. Elim-JEM (Young Adult Movement) highlighted the topic in a creative panel discussion from various perspectives, as well as life experiences.
Four different people from different circumstances were interviewed. (A young woman with 3 children and job, a student, a student & a young entrepreneur with 2 children). Among other things, a possible way of doing one's job wisely was presented: the so-called “Eisenhower principle”. This principle divides the tasks into 4 categories. The vertical axis stands for “important” and the horizontal axis for “urgent”. These two axes form 4 quadrants. So you can put the tasks in these quadrants and execute them according to importance & urgency.
When it comes to “time management”, you can not get past the topic of “priorities”. It is important, of course, to first think about what priorities you want and need to set yourself. Young people could learn a lot here. Because in a time like this, when the possibilities reach infinity, it is all the more important to properly manage your time.

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Here are some pics of the Semester KickOff: