Small Groups - your home at Elim

God loves relationships. It is therefore our greatest desire that every person in our church find a home in a loving “family”. Our small groups are just the right place.
We want to create spaces where you can meet other people and build friendships. In communion, we get to know Jesus better and experience how he is at work in our lives. We do not want to stop but take the exciting journey so that everyone can discover their next step with Jesus.

We want to encourage you to join a small group and experience fellowship on a new level and to discover what God wants to do in your life.

How does the registration for our small groups work? You can either make a pre-selection on the left or click on a small group on the map above. Or you can simply scroll down – by clicking on the field you can expand the group description. You then have the choice below to register directly with the group or to contact the leader via email. They will then contact you to clarify everything else. Crossed-out group names mean that this group has already reached the maximum number of participants. Here you can only contact the manager by email.

You can find the overview here:


Our leaders are looking forward to seeing you!

Your small group management team