Deaconal Social Work (SDA)

Who are we?

  • We are a team of people whom God has laid on the heart, to serve to other people in different hardships have come in the form of various auxiliary services.
  • This service is directly derived from the commandment of love of God's Word, the Bible.
  • We meet regularly to pray for the concerns of the mentioned people to bring God, to say “thank you” the great things that God has already done and to get more signposts to our team.
  • We meet at longer intervals as the whole team to discuss organizing things.
  • We urge and force us to nobody. We will only work if the people are willing to avail our help.

What kind of people we want to reach and serve?

  • Needy brothers and sisters within the church
  • Seeking help people which address to the church
  • People whose let invite themselves to get to know the church

What kind of offers of help we can do for you?

  • Personal talks, learn to know the situation so that practical help can follow
  • First Aid: Supply – with food, clothes and furniture
  • Attendance to physicians and administrative offices
  • Little work assignments, where affected people can be involved with
  • Common prayer
  • Tell the Gospel – to give comfort, hope and confidence
  • Celebrate together – trips or afternoon barbecue, a Christmas party for single people
  • in intervals performing a faith basic course:
    • to answer burning questions,
    • to make understand the fraction (personal debt) between man and Go
    • the realization that I need forgiveness of my debt
    • to give further the restoration of the relationship between man and God, made possible through Jesus Christ
    • for God's love bring us people closer to, to begin a personal relationship between that person and Jesus

What we want to achieve with the help of God?

  • By practical support we want, that the living situation of the people improved.
  • By offering assistance to people's lives be guided to to a turning point. This turning point is not caused by us as a people, but by the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of God to the people who showed in Jesus Christ.
  • That the person in question God's love for them personally assume starting to let fill with the love of God, so that an entirely new love relationship with God and his fellow man can be.