The Men'sMovementLeipzig is on the initiative of individual men of the church. The meetings takes place at regular intervals in the ELIM Church. There should be a place where the men feel good and they can develop men friendships.

The men's work serves the Christian Church and to characterize men after God's heart. It helps men to be on biblical grounds and through the work of the Holy Spirit, spiritual fathers, to take responsibility.

Even Martin Luther knew, that “join in prayer and meditation on the Word of God, also the probation of the faith in the challenges of everyday life”.
A man needs challenges needs effort, a job and a life's work. Because when you realize that confidence good practice to strengthen confidence. In this battle of daily life we shall not only best (Ecclesiastes 4:12). Therefore, it is good to pray for men to seek friendships and companions along the way.

One (s) meets the Men's Meeting in the church. Here we have a good time to have breakfast together, to hear an impulse to pray and talk with each other.