Become a member

To be a member is cool, because church is a powerful thing.
Christians are not eremites, but rather in community placed.
Together you are stronger. Together we learn and grow.
Together, we are equipped, because we have a great mission.

Membership mean for us:

  1. We protect the unity of the church.
  2. We share together the mission of the church.
  3. We bring in our talents and cooperation.
  4. We support the testimony of the church.

Are you interested in membership of the Elim Leipzig?
Then you can do the following:

  1. Contact us.
  2. Visit our course “DNS- Your Next Step” to get to know us.
  3. Have a talk for admission with one of our pastors.

Are there any prerequisites for membership in Elim Leipzig?
Yes, there is.

  1. You have a personal relationship to Jesus Christ.
  2. You will or you are baptized because of your personal faith.
  3. You share the values ​​that we derive from the Bible to our lives.