Sermon series: Honor to whom honor is due

How do we deal with others? Do we bring them honor? It becomes lifelike when we speak of honor. But why is honoring others so important? What is honor based on?

If you take the trouble and look for the use of honor in the Bible, then something exciting can be found: in most places where our German word honor is found, we find in Greek and Hebrew a word that almost always translated as “glory”. It describes something that is meaningful and has weight. If we honor someone, it's because we recognize the importance of the person. So honor has something to do with appreciation and appreciation. In Greek, therefore, the same word is used for honor and purchase price or cash payment, which is still reflected today in the word honorarium.

Our sermon series in November and December will range from “honoring God” to “honoring others” to “honoring oneself” – an exciting journey. Be there on Sundays 9:30 or 11:30!