DNS - Your Next Step

As a community, we want to be a place where people can discover and use their potential. It not only benefits the other and the church, but one grows and matures in his personal vocation. But how do I find my place in the church and discover the talents and gifts God has given me?

Exactly to this question, the DNS course was developed.

Step 1: Where do we come from?
We want to help you in this step to understand the historical and spiritual background of the church.

Step 2: Where do we want to go?
This is about where wor as a community want. It will be about our values as a church and our vision – and how we can achieve them together.

Step 3: Want to join?
In the third step, it will be very concrete about you. As a student, you will complete a gift test to help you get to know your individual gifts or abilities as well as your own personality profile.

Step 4: Find your place!
In the fourth step, we will then show you the various possibilities in which you can now bring in your potential and your discovered gifts and thus become an active creator of our community.

The next free DNS course takes place from 04.11. – 25.11.2018 sundays parallel to the first service. We start with a breakfast and then go together in the unit. The course always ends on time so there is a chance to attend the second service.

The DNS course requires a login; You can do that at the info point or by mail to the .