Events 2019

JEM : Podium interview on the topic of time management

The topic of time management accompanies us daily in everyday life and each of us manages his time … read more »

MensMeeting November 16th, 2019

Last time this year: Men meet for a very delicious breakfast, good conversation, spiritual impulse …
We will have good community, encourage … read more »

Sermon Series: "My/your will be done"

The choices we make determine our life path and become the stories we'll tell. That's what makes the decision such … read more »

Baptism December 1st, 2019

People with their baptism testify publicly that they belong to Jesus. We celebrate a christening!

Our last date in 2019 is December 1st, 11:30 … read more »

Worship service on Wednesday

Last year we started a new service. Not on weekends, but in the middle of the week. Our new Wednesday service will be different … read more »