Prayer and fasting week 07th-12th January 2019

As a church, we start the new year with prayer. 7.- from 12 January 2019 to our Prayer and Fasting Week takes place.

Each evening starts at 19h and ends at 20h30. With different emphases we want to pray in the evenings for the different areas of our life and the world.

  • Mon 07.01. God And You
  • Tue 08.01. Your Family
  • Wed 09.01. Your Work Place
  • Thu 10.01. Your City
  • Fri 11.01. Our World
  • Sat 12.01. Your Church

In addition to the evening events, there will be a prayer time on Wednesdays from 9.30am to 10.30pm.

In addition to the prayer, we invite you to fast. You can give up the week on a thing, a meal or a habit, but also completely on food. Important is only drinking. We do not see fasting as a spiritual contest, but renunciation should make your seriousness visible.
In addition, the time you spend with food is wonderful for prayer. On Saturday evening we will finish the fast with a meal together.

In recent years, we have seen our Week of Prayer and Fasting as a tremendous asset. So again, we expect the Holy Spirit to awaken faith in greater things in us.