Sermon series: Strong together

„I am in this church because I like the fact that here several generations worship together.“ Again and again, we hear such and similar statements from people who are new to our church. They appreciate that the reality of life is fully reflected in our coexistence. We are not a youth church, not a seniors church. We are a generation church.

In our new sermon series, we want to hear about this common adventure, and what it means to learn together and serve together.

Discover together

As a church that has existed for 87 years now, this is also reflected in our age structure. As written at the beginning, this fact is appreciated by many. We do not have to become a generation church, we already are. That's we are. That's our strength. That makes us attractive to people. We should take this much more consciously and discover together what power lies within. We should beware of disturbing ourselves that we are different. We should not argue about what divides us, but seek and celebrate the connection.
We have something to offer. We see what Psalm 119.90 says, “From generation to generation your faithfulness extends.” We can proclaim that and testify: together we are strong!

Our sermon series in March 2019, here to hear!